All the fun at the draw……….Easter pegs



Dreggs…….#4 pegg for me then

What a glorious day…2 deg C early morning not a cloud in the sky and warming up rapidly……...serious risk of chocolate melting today.

Before the draw Barratt was ask where he fancied drawing……peg 25 he sez……sure enough egg 25……was what he got.  League leader Tel drew 13 on the dam wall with a view to catching some on the deck and shallow.

Match starts on 10 bells..

Potting a cup full of worm/soil and casters in, with in a minute a 2oz roach was in my palm, back out with the same worm head on again the float dipped….missed it. Then no bites for 20mins……fed again…..this time a roach of 7-8oz was in the pan. All the while the weighmaster on shallow egg 3 was doing a good impersonation of someone with tourettes……….after 1.1/2 hours having just one bite from a small roach.

Meanwhile across the dam Barratt was in full bagging mode netting good fish regularly. Back on the Orbison bank after now feeding a separate pellet line the weighmaster finally found some feeding skimmers along with the odd crucian…

Now putting a fish in his net almost every put in, I say almost cause he kept hooking but losing them, look like dodgy elastic to me.

The other side of me on eggs 6 and 7 were Dick Diamond and match organiser Dave, they were both catching odd fish…

On the orbison bank float visibility can be a mare when the sun is on full power.

My match went as per normal lost 4 good fish throughout the day, two which stormed off and bottomed out the elastic (maybe big roach) and two skimmers which both came off as I was about to net them.

Weigh in..

First up the weighmaster put 17lb 8 in the sling, a very respectable weight considering his first 2 hours, my fish went 13lb odd. In the deeper eggs 6/7 Dick and Dave had 7-8lb odd apiece…..

DSCF5406 going round the dam wall Chiz had similar, next up league leader Tel…..

…after two weighs he puts a very good 20lb 13 to take the lead. Next up Skimbob on 15 weighs a level 14lb….onto the church bank 21 Higgo caught most of his 10lb 12 in the last 2 hours. Greg managed 7lb odd then onto end egg 25….

DSCF5419 (2)

Last to weigh Barratt on end egg 25

Barratt also after two weighs…….smashes all the other eggs!!!

Weighing a brilliant 27lb 12 catching them all on worm or caster……Well done Mark.

Winning the league in this keenly fought series though was Terry Oldfield with 5 wins and 2 seconds……..Well done Tel.

Me….I managed 5th and the section.

IMG_0195[555] (2)

A brilliant match to end the winter league….well done all

Special thanks to top organiser ‘Waggler’ Dave Sayles…..

DSCF5389 (2)

The main man…..of all things officialdom and mini eggs.

Oh on a side note…….Sheffield United gained promotion to the Championship with another win……………HAPPY DAYS 🙂




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