ROUND 3….9/12/17

With the weather like it is, once again this was never going to be an easy match. The slowmovers midweek match was won with 8lb odd with the winner having around 6 fish on the feeder….well done to him for sitting it out all day for 6 bites. The air temperature that day was 11 deg….. today was slightly less..


Panto season begins..At the draw..

With two absentees, that left 10 hardy souls to do battle with todays elements..

Dick Diamond was away appearing in the pantomime. Jack and the Beanstalk …being 6ft 8 the ex footballing center half was obviously playing the giant.

Organiser Dave was on the other side of the world in The Wizard of Oz… so I drafted in retired AT editor Keith Higgo to scribe the draw board…

All went smoothly except for Greg misplacing his car keys…. everyone helped looking in his car, his net bag and frisking his pockets and him threatening to not fish and to go home….the audience shouted “Oh no he’s isn’t”….aint got any keys… 10 min later he found them in the car, where they’d acrobatically chucked themselves down behind the front passenger seat.

The Dreg peg was once again mine, this time unlucky 13 on the dam wall, though the water was still gin clear, but having around 7ft depth I was happy…

10 o’clock bells ring out..

With worms chopped and casters mixed into the mulch, this was then mixed into 3 firm snooker balls and fed at 11m and left for half an hour or so…while I emptied it on the feeder….err no thats not quite what happened…

In the minus 2 deg the quiver tip was now suffering from hypothermia and couldn’t  move..

Along side me on 12 Weighmaster Brian hadn’t had a bite, Higgo on 11 was doing ok putting small roach in his net. On 14 Skimbob had 2 micro perch and the other side him on 15 Barratt had 1 perch. Chucking the feeder up the bank and now on the pole, with an hour gone the float dipped slightly then gradually went under…the strike..the play..the ship back..the swing and the most beautiful looking gudgeon was un-hooked and admired……he looked pleased to see me aswell.

The iceman cometh..

The ice curtailed the fishing on the dam wall for awhile until the ice caps had passed through…meanwhile on the Orbison bank they were still basking in the rays.

10min later big brother gudgeon (nearly 2oz) was in my net, again a strange bite with the bristle just going down very slow. Next door skimbob had started to catch some roach but Brian still hadn’t had a bite. A few roach started to oblige in my swim, all the time being loose fed a few casters.

Terry drawing dam wall p 16  had the option of going on any peg on the church bank or stay put, to give himself some room he choose 21 on the icy church bank. He too started to catch some silvers. Meanwhile Donks on 7 had landed some better fish on worm @ 14m after snaring a few smaller samples on groundbait/pinkie shorter. Next to him also catching a few on p6 was Greg who alternated between feeder and pole.

When the light starts to fade its caster on the hook time. Sure enough first drop well past my feed the float immediately burried, a good battle ensued ending with a mint roach in the pan.


#Castercaughteousroacheous….did latin at school

With about 10min to go I hooked a really big dog fish that bottomed the elastic and had the pole ‘arc shaped’ for what seemed an age before eventually pulling free…”oh bother” .. I shouted…Back in again for a minute…nothing. Some more worm/caster were potted in…straight over it with a single caster…bang under it went another good roach this one smaller around the 7oz mark.



Weigh in..

First up end peg 5 …John Chiz …oh dear


John Chiz….1 bite  1 oz…..nuff said


On 6 Greg put 2lb 12 in the net, mostly feeder caught.

Next Donks had guestimated 2lb odd and proceeded to weigh 6lb 9.

Stevie W had 1.1/2lb…..onto the dam wall Higgo went close with 6lb 71/2oz.

Skimbob was a pound more than me with 3lb6 …..Barratt managed 2lb 12

Onto the church bank El Tel had a busy day to get 4lb 8.

In testing conditions once again…


Well done Donks and all who fished……it was hard.

  1. Donks  6lb 9
  2. Higgo   6lb 71/2
  3. Tel        4lb 8





Round 2…..25/11/17

At the draw….

Showing only 1 degree on the car dashboard and with a full turn out of 12 and leaving the shallow pegs out, meant pegging would be tight, with 4 on the orbison bank – 5 on the dam wall and 3 on’t church bank.

Once again having the ‘Dreg peg’ this time 16 on the dam wall, with around 7ft depth and water still very clear…


Need some long spells of rain to colour this pond up

After being advised by Matt Godfrey to try this ‘special’ ground bait…. some was pre-ordered and delivered on the day from Mark Holmes Woodseat Angling. It was then mixed on the bank side….’kin hands were frozzzen doin it’, worms were chopped and casters/pinkies sorted. P16 being a tad close to the church bank, the feeder rod was left in the bag, a decision was made to feed everything in one swim @ 11m.

10 o’clock bells ring out away we go…

Half an hour gone…a single pinkie eventually does the business.……..a bite from a angry looking micro perch. Come 12 bells I’ve had 2 small perch and 1 fingerling roach.

Kill or Cure time…

In went 3 snooker balls rich with chopped goodies. Throughout the match changing between baits etc. changed down from a 0.9 to 0.7 hook length too. The roach were now a shade bigger on caster now.

With an early 3.15 finish so some of the lads could get to Bramall lane to see the Blades @ tea time, with ice numb hands I were just ready for a hot bath.

Weigh in…

First to weigh peg 5 Terry Oldfield put 4lb 1 in the net, on this bank John Chiz also bagged 4lb 1…….coming round the dam wall I had the best weight of 3lb 1. Onto the church bank another 4lb 1 in the sling this time by John Skimbob……‘Something fishy definitely goin on here’…

A quick call to our finest boys in blue and they were soon up on the bankside…

Turns out the weighmaster hadn’t been ‘Got at’  by the ‘Woodseats Mafioso’ with threats of  his free TV license taken off him……..

The scales and the weighmaster were both found to be accurate and in good order, the top 3 did all weigh 4lb 1…..once again not big weights but you cant get any closer.

Well done all that fished in very bracing conditions and a special thanks to SYP

  1. Tel Oldfield    4lb 1 ……(Woodseats mafia)
  2. John Chiz        4lb 1 ……(Woodseats mafia)
  3. John Skinbob 4lb 1 ……(Woodseats mafia)

Hmmmm….I wonder though?

Get mi hot bath run please, i’ll be home in 10min.

1 15 Brain Farrer 6 10
2 16 Gary Simpson 3 1 4
3 17
4 18
5 Terry Oldfield 4 1 1 19
6 John Chisholme 4 1 1 20 Paul Donnelly 13 9
7 Richard Willis 2 10 6 21 John Skinner 4 1 1
8 David Sayles 6 10 22 Keith Higginbottom 2 15 5
9 23
10 24
11 25
12 Steve Walker 1 8 7 26
13 Paul Gregory dna 13 27
14 Mark Holmes 1 1 8
1 Terry Oldfield 4 1 Richard Willis 2 10
2 John Chisholm 4 1 Keith Higginbottom 2 15
3 John Skinner 4 1
4 Gary Simpson 3 1



Round 1…..Nov 11.2017

After battling with carp and F1’s all summer, it felt good to get back to basics with some silver fish action at Ecclesfield pond in Sheffield. Targets and elastics / lines adjusted, oh and the ‘mind set’ …….it maybe a long winter.

At the draw…

Some of the lads hadn’t seen each other since the last WL match ended in April so it was great to see hand shakes allround.

Usual Orbison bank squatter Brian said he wanted peg 6, he drew 5…..Ive never seen a 97 yr old do a sprint before, but he were like a greyhound going round a ‘flapping track’, ….amazing agility for an OAP.

With Barratt Holmes, Terry Oldfield and Donks all drawing on the church bank, a good match was in store between the ‘Big 3’ chop wormers.

Having the dreg peg….I was left with 14 on the dam wall, along side Greg on 15 and Skimbob on 13.

Match Starts..

Ecco church bells rung out @ 10 o’clock and we’re off…. guess who wasn’t ready….

I hadn’t even got my worms and casters out their bags….30 seconds later John Skimbob was landing a roach ….over on the church bank Curly Oldfield had accurately landed his piece of worm 1st chuck right on the nose of a 2lb skimmer, after a brief tussle it was safely netted….the pressure was now on everyone.

To my right Skimbob was catching a small roach every put in @ 11m (Groundbait/pinkie)….when i asked him why he was netting them all, he say’s…  ‘Cus all these ounces add up and if you drop 5-6 through out the match swinging em in, it could be costly’..

I was only getting micro perch on the chop worm/or maggot, a switch to caster found some small roach. A few quick casts on the GB feeder got me 3 x 1oz roach and 3oz hybrid…


A tad on the clear side……Could drink it.

11 o’clock bells rang on the church and a 2 min silence was nicely adhered too.

Back to the fishing….my money was on Barratt on peg 21 with a spare peg either side, I was just waiting for him to get motoring but it never happend. Terry Oldfield blitzed the corresponding match last year with 18lb 4 from there.

A few better roach were coming to the caster well past my feed, then trying back over the choppy line also on caster, I hooked briefly then pulled out of a skimmer ….complete with snot up the hook length….Back in with a worm head on.. float dips again and Preston #5 shoots out, only this time a 1lb 8 skimmer was gently coaxed into the waiting pan….He wasn’t looking up at me though, one eye was missing……Horatio Nelson sprang to mind.

On the whistle another 7oz mint roach was landed, again on caster well past the dinner table. Was this enough to catch up with Skimbob next door though, who had been catching from start to finish and fished a great match.

Weigh in…

Starting on the Orbison bank, it had fished hard… Higgo put  6lb 7 in the sling, next up the prancing pensioner after loosing some better fish could only muster 4lb. Next Chiz went into the lead with 7lb 11….on peg 7 organiser Dave just fell short with 7lb 8 …………this was gunna be close.

Onto the dam wall…Dick Diamond mustered 4lb 6 from p 12, next up Skimbob….his bag of ‘silver bars of soap’ went agonisingly close with 7lb 10……all netted.

My mixed bag wobbled the needle round to 6lb 6, Greg didn’t fair any better pushing just shy of 4lb. Onto the church bank peg 21 Barratt had just over 4lb……‘Unbelievable Jeff’

Onto the shallows….. pegs 23 Curly too went close with 6lb 11 …..but on the end peg 24 Donks included a small carp to take the section with 7lb 3 …..well done.


Not big weights but very close

2 Johns….

With just 3oz separating the top 3 …….netting everything nearly paid off for 2nd placed John Skimbob who fished a great match.

Winner on the day though and catching on the worm but going 1oz better was  John Chiz……..Well done

  1. John Chisom  7lb 11
  2. John Skinner 7lb 10
  3. Dave Sayles   7lb 8