F1 Fishing on long pole and pellet..


Around the country there are some top notch anglers at this F1 fishing malarkey, so for the purpose this article ive brought with me to ElmTree Farm fisheries a young talented  teenager called Jordan Webster who by his match fishing results of late is a great exponent of the art of catching these crafty critters. First though it was a quick call into Parkgate Angling Centre for some bait..


Now…..armed and dangerous!!!


Jordan Webster

Jordan although still a teenager, being well over 6ft tall handles 14/16m of pole about like waving a magic wand.

We’re on peg 18 on the match lake here at Elmtree, which is one of the pegs where you can reach the cover of the reed beds with around 14m, the depth is a shade under 4ft against the reeds. Jordan recently won a winter match with 70 odd pound from here.

Bait wise couldn’t be more simpler, half a bag of micros and some 4mm expanders for the hook. If these didn’t work on the day, like any good magician a few tricks were tucked up his sleeves.

Noseying around on his bait tray I was keen to see what rigs were being attached to his top kits…


0.2g slims a chianti style pole float from clarkson floats

With a main line of 0.16 dia and a 6″ hook length of 0.12 to a size 18 guru hook, to me this looked a tad heavy but as Jordan explained…your fishing next to reeds and the lines will take a fair bit of punishment throughout the day. Elastics were size 8 matrix hollow.

The difference in the 2 rigs was that one had all the no.10 shots bulk down on top of the 6″ hook length, the other had no.10 strung over the bottom 18″ above the hook length.

With a small sprinkle pot attached at the pole tip (not a foot away from the tip)…. ‘I’m guilty as charged M’lord.’ p1020466

Around a doz micros were placed loose in the pot, shipped across against the reeds.Pole was turned over and tapping the pole butt, sprinkling only 3-4 micros…(I’m guilty again, lot would have gone in). Rig lifted and lowered straight down with the expander pellet just touching bottom, it took all of 20 seconds for the first bite. With pole shipping back the no.8 laccy guiding the first f1 away from its winter shelter.

Ringing the changes..

Starting on the strung out rig after netting 5 or 6 fish something wasn’t quite right, either line bites were occuring or the presentation wasn’t right…under tow was moving the rig left to right. Switching top kits over helped a bit with the bulk rig steadying things up. Now if I was fishing this peg i’d have been plundering away on the same line trying to ‘make it work’….feeding the same way etc. This is what sets good anglers apart from us mere mortals. Although still catching the odd fish and foul hooking a few he hadn’t ‘found them’ so again changed something…

Plumbing against the reeds again but this time 2-3 ft away to the left he was soon into another run of fish, but 20 minutes later he’s up off his box and into his bait bag grabbing some yellow dye for the micros… to add a splash of colour…this brought a few more fish.


colours and flavours…..maybe they do work.

Although he was catching the odd fish….this wasn’t right so next he changed to a hard 4mm hook bait, banded with the hook just hooking the band…still not right though …..next up he was feeding 4mm pellets instead of micros……ringing the changes.

Not content with sporadic fish, once more he’s off his box ferreting in his holdall, another top kit was quickly assembled and attached a heavier 0.4g rig…

Plumbing up a new line with the heavier rig against the reeds but this time 8ft to the right, also now feeding the heavier 4mm pellets and a soft hooker both coated with the yellow additive. Sprinkling 4-5 pellets in and slowly lowering the rig down….it carried on going down, fish on, shipped back and landed….

once again bait up 4-5 pellets in the pot ship out same spot, fed and lowered rig down….again the float went straight down………‘Bingo found them now’

For the next 25-30 minutes Jordan caught an f1 every put in, the session only came to an end after a slightly over zealous ‘lift’….left the rig attached to some over hanging branch.

After 3 hours fishing he had chopped and changed things numerous times till he had found them and found how best to catch them on the day.

Fishery owner Mark came round to weigh his fish……these went 45lb 2. A great effort from Jordan in just 3 hours fishing.

For all infomation regarding this cracking fishery, where you can catch through the winter, contact Mark Peckett on 07944 505798.

This article will be available in the Sheffield Star in Bob Roberts column friday 10th march 2017……..cheers Bob



Ecco Round 7

With 4 lads bunking off to Bramall Lane to watch the mighty Blades take on Bolton, it left 8 of us hardy souls to brave the elements. ‘Doris had her day’ on thursday sweeping across the region…..with the back end of the storm lingering around giving pole bending gusts to 40/50mph.

The Draw…

With Dave back organising, things went smoothly….Greg once again drew the golden peg 24 with a target weight of 5lb. With the wind being as bad as it was, only peg 6 was put in on the Orbison bank. The lucky recipient had the choice of any peg 1-10 to try and find some shelter, but the weighmaster stayed with 6. Having the last 2 pegs in the bag both me and Dave were pegged on the  more sheltered church bank….hmm

10 o’clock church bells ring…match starts

Across the pond on the Orbison bank……although looking…Only The Lonely ……The weighmaster was the first to latch into a fish.


Brian Farrer….aka The weighmaster

Along the dam wall odd fish were being caught whilst on our bank only end peg Greg had snared a skimmer on the feeder chucking well out. Only Dave and me were without a bite never mind a fish…

Fast forward 2hrs…..a small skimmer took a liking for my double red pinkies, next a 1oz roach then nothing for another half an hour…….then out of the blue another skimmer shows this time on a worm head……meanwhile around 3.1/2hr into the match next door this happened…

On the golden peg Greg took a big perch to go with his other feeder caught fish, then on the 4pm alarm he hooked a good skimmer on the pole could this be enough to take him over his 5lb target weight.

Weigh in…

Starting round on the orbison bank, the weighmaster had a great day despite the stormy wind and rain, fishing chop worm and alternating worm and caster on the hook, he managed to land 3 small carp with the biggest pushing 2lb to go with his other silvers to weigh 10lb 12….

On the dam wall Keith Higginbottom got close but could only manage 9lb 14…..around onto the church bank my 6 small skimmers and 2 roach went 3lb 4…Dave could only muster 2lb odd and on the golden peg Greg fell short again, next match will be a quadruple rollover.DSCF5201 (4).JPG

Well done to all that fished and well done the winner Brian Farrer.



Ecco Round 6..

With 3 lads deciding on following the mighty Blades in their promotion push at Peterborough and organiser Dave crying off with a dodgy knee, there was just eight of us on for this round 6 match.

One of the Blades on tour was Terry Oldfield who’d won all the previous 5 rounds…so there was hope now for us lesser mortals.

All the monies were soon collected before the draw, Mick the bailiff pulled golden peg 16 from the bag and I’d lowered the target weight tokens considerably….a target was drawn of only 2lb 12.  With the weather forecast and the previous few days temperatures I couldnt see more than 6lb as a winning weight today….Paul Gregory drew the GP…was a rollover too….easy!

I had the dregs of the bag again….peg 6 Orbisons bank and once again had Barratt next door on 7. Having only 3 bites apiece last match things couldn’t be as bad could they?

3 rigs were set up, 2 with size 24 mp1 hooks for bloodworm and a ‘beefier’ size 20 for any caster fish.

10 O’clock bells chimed..

Two swims were fed 9 and 13m….out onto the long line first, Mark asks how long before we get a bite….20 mins I reply.  Also starting on his long line @ 17min past 10 he strikes into his 1st bite, the preston no.5 is well stretched…. but gradually a skimmer around 14oz is netted……What a start!!


Natural venues are great for foliage

However, this great start was soon short lived, with only the odd small fish coming off the dam wall. After 2hours of boredom I started reading the newspaper the joker was wrapped in…..and apparently Great Britain has voted to leave the EU in something called a Brexit vote…..Where we gunna get our bloodworm and joker from now?

On the short line, the float twitched and trembled then slowly went under..the elastic did its work though stretching all of 3″ out of the pole tip, swinging it (considered netting it lol)  into the palm of my hand now lay the nicest looking perch in the world, only as big as my finger….but at least i wasn’t water licked now. Anyone got a jam jar?

@ Precisely 2.05pm some 4hours plus into the match, onto ‘Plan X’ by now….’Plan W’ was just Wank….fishing 1.5m past my long line with double pinkie on the size 20 hook, a proper bite occurred. The 3-4 green Middy laccy did the business and a skimmer of 12oz was netted. With renewed vigour by 2.30 a roach of perhaps 3oz had also snaffled the double pinkie snare. Barratt and me were now about level pegging, he’d bagged about 3-4 of the stripey fingerlings to go with his earlier skimmer. Around 3pm on this long unfed line the float dipped again, this time the the laccy did stretch….to its limits to be precise along with the pole arcing round alarmingly….gradually easing the pole back with ice numb hands I didnt actually feel the hook pull out, It was only seeing the polefloat pop up to the surface that the penny dropped….Ka-ching!!  Removing the bream snot from the hook length and above I was back out with 2 more fresh red pinkies impaled. No more bites came in the last hour when the 4 o’clock church bells were ringing out.

Weigh in…

Being first to weigh in I put 1lb 1 in the sack, next Barratt evaporated that with 1lb 2. Going round the dam todays fishing was proving to be about the hardest match we’ve had @ Ecco.


Even the reliable dam wall turned out to be a freezing cold damp squib

We had ice cold rain for most of the day and the pond was very cold but it had a tinge of colour so was a bit surprising that hardly any roach fed, thats winter fishing I guess. The winner on the day was Donks from peg 15 with 4lb 9…..joint 2nd were Steve Walker and big Dick Diamond with 1lb 10 apiece………..oh dear that lost bream was very costly!

Dick Diamond must have wondered what he’d just sat through today, after jetting in from a 2 week successful stint in the Canary’s crooning away to the uk expats….If you’re into Tony  Bennett catch up with Dick on the Costa’s during the summer months.


The draw sheets makes for grim reading, The Weighmaster never had a bite from p12 and the golden peg Greg could only muster 2 small perch…a double rollover next match. Well done to Donks who stuck with it and in the last half hour had a big portion of his fish.

The Blades managed to win thanks to Billy Sharp netting his 20th goal of the season…. Happy days!