All the fun at the draw……….Easter pegs



Dreggs…….#4 pegg for me then

What a glorious day…2 deg C early morning not a cloud in the sky and warming up rapidly……...serious risk of chocolate melting today.

Before the draw Barratt was ask where he fancied drawing……peg 25 he sez……sure enough egg 25……was what he got.  League leader Tel drew 13 on the dam wall with a view to catching some on the deck and shallow.

Match starts on 10 bells..

Potting a cup full of worm/soil and casters in, with in a minute a 2oz roach was in my palm, back out with the same worm head on again the float dipped….missed it. Then no bites for 20mins……fed again…..this time a roach of 7-8oz was in the pan. All the while the weighmaster on shallow egg 3 was doing a good impersonation of someone with tourettes……….after 1.1/2 hours having just one bite from a small roach.

Meanwhile across the dam Barratt was in full bagging mode netting good fish regularly. Back on the Orbison bank after now feeding a separate pellet line the weighmaster finally found some feeding skimmers along with the odd crucian…

Now putting a fish in his net almost every put in, I say almost cause he kept hooking but losing them, look like dodgy elastic to me.

The other side of me on eggs 6 and 7 were Dick Diamond and match organiser Dave, they were both catching odd fish…

On the orbison bank float visibility can be a mare when the sun is on full power.

My match went as per normal lost 4 good fish throughout the day, two which stormed off and bottomed out the elastic (maybe big roach) and two skimmers which both came off as I was about to net them.

Weigh in..

First up the weighmaster put 17lb 8 in the sling, a very respectable weight considering his first 2 hours, my fish went 13lb odd. In the deeper eggs 6/7 Dick and Dave had 7-8lb odd apiece…..

DSCF5406 going round the dam wall Chiz had similar, next up league leader Tel…..

…after two weighs he puts a very good 20lb 13 to take the lead. Next up Skimbob on 15 weighs a level 14lb….onto the church bank 21 Higgo caught most of his 10lb 12 in the last 2 hours. Greg managed 7lb odd then onto end egg 25….

DSCF5419 (2)

Last to weigh Barratt on end egg 25

Barratt also after two weighs…….smashes all the other eggs!!!

Weighing a brilliant 27lb 12 catching them all on worm or caster……Well done Mark.

Winning the league in this keenly fought series though was Terry Oldfield with 5 wins and 2 seconds……..Well done Tel.

Me….I managed 5th and the section.

IMG_0195[555] (2)

A brilliant match to end the winter league….well done all

Special thanks to top organiser ‘Waggler’ Dave Sayles…..

DSCF5389 (2)

The main man…..of all things officialdom and mini eggs.

Oh on a side note…….Sheffield United gained promotion to the Championship with another win……………HAPPY DAYS 🙂





ECCO round  9…

With Donks and Tel, the top 2 in the league both absent, it left 10 of us to battle in this penultimate round. The weather had been warmish all week, in the Slowmovers midweek match 12lb odd had won from peg 15 along with decent back up weights. With a good colour in the water today there could be no excuses for not catching.


The golden peg was peg 3 up the Orbison bank in the shallows, Steve Walker had a 6lb 8 target weight, this peg could also be the match winner, on its day it can throw up good stamp skimmers. I had the dregs of the bag, 23 on the church bank with Greg on 21 and organiser Dave on 25… mates back together again, us three use to work in the same fitting shop back in the late 70’s.

10 O’clock church bells are ringing..

Around the dam out went the pole cups depositing several quids worth of chop worm into the depths. Again I just fed the one line at 13m, baiting up with a worm head and shipping out I could see Dick Diamond already netting a good skimmer…

With in minutes I was panning a good roach of 6-7oz then another quickly followed..

On shallow p25 Dave was struggling for a bite while Greg was moving his swim as  p21 is a peg that gets allsorts of shadows/reflections, he settled on some white clear water toward p22, after awhile he too started to catch albeit small perch to begin with… then a skimmer or good roach would turn up…

Across the pond Dick Diamond on 6 and Stevie Wak on the golden peg were both catching well even though the floodlights were on full power with the sun now shining..

After a few hours catching next to nothing but setting his table…Dave eventually struck gold, I dont just mean the fantailed goldfish he landed but good skimmers…

All the while my swim kept going quiet and then…..a run of 4-5 fish with the odd one of these for good measure..

 The three of us had a great mini match on our bank, I was guestimating Greg had just shaded it from me with 10lb, me with a high 9lb odd and Dave with around 8lb…….How wrong can a man be !!

Weigh in…

Starting on the Golden peg 3……Stevie Wak needed 6lb 8 …..he battered this with a level 14lb…

next up Chiz and Barratt both had 9lb odd a piece…

Dick Diamond on 7 then stormed into the lead with 16lb 6 coming round the dam wall, 3 weights between 7-9lb odd wern’t challenging for the lead…

Onto our bank,  Gregs fish made 11lb 2….my weight was more than I forecast going 12lb 9 and Dave bagging 12lb 6……….Totally arse upwards from my guestimation.

The winner on the day none other than Dick Diamond (stage name) – Richard Willis…

Look out for this face on stage in the bars on the Costa’s this summer….Top angler and top crooner.

DSCF5362 (2)

I must be in a rich vein of form for drawing on some fish at the moment, grabbing 3rd place again…….a good match. Well done Rich and well done all who fished.




With Skimbob doing morris dancing classes or summat in Scarborough, a cloudy overcast drizzly day welcomed the 11 lads on this one.


The draw went smoothly enough with Terry Oldfield bagging the tripple rollover golden peg 6, his target weight was just 7lb…I had the dregs of the bag….peg 5….sandwiched between him and fellow Woodseats mafioso Mark ‘Barratt’ Holmes…..Yipes Shaggy Gulp!!

Ecco church bells signalled the 10 o’clock start….

Out went the pole cups around the dam, depositing a full menu of different baits…mine though only had the box standard chopped worm and caster with nothing else added. Within minutes much to my suprise and the ‘chopworm pros’ either side I was landing a roach of 7oz…..20mins in and ive had 4 roach for 1.1/2lb….and leading the match.

Meanwhile league leader Tel had started to get indications with the odd smaller roach landed but as of yet Barratt was still biteless………..

Hare and Tortoise syndrome..

Whilst me and Tel were both big potting bait, Barratt was after his initial feed kinder potting small regular amounts….he eventually had a bite and this wasn’t no roach…

In just 3 fish, Barratt had taken the lead in the match, it had gone a bit iffy on my line and Tel was also kinder potting now……being a novice at this lark I followed suit and gradually bites came back….but it wasn’t plain sailing…2 or 3 fish then nothing.

The three of us were going through these quiet spells but looking around the dam no-one else seemed to be catching too much. It was apparent that we were sat on some fish which chose to feed and then back off….much to my supprise after a few missed bites/indications I hooked something that shot off stretching the preston slip #5 to its limits, after a 5min tussle a 1.1/2lb carp was netted…

Not to be out done though, Barratt soon was also playing one…quickly followed by more good fish.

And so it carried on we’d catch the odd roach and Barratt would blow us away with another skimmer or good stamp roach….but then he went through a spell of nothing for a good hour. Then I had a nightmare run loosing 4 decent fish on the bounce, hook changed and back out but it was too little too late….with both him and Tel catching good fish on the whistle.

Weigh in..

Starting with Barratts peg 4 he put 13lb 10 in sling, my net went 10lb 14 with Tel edging me out for 2nd with 11lb 3.

Going round the dam it was clear the dam wall pegs were the place to avoid drawing today. With only Donks on peg 21 getting anywhere near double figures it shows how important the draw can be on matches in the winter.

A few weeks ago the deeper dam wall pegs were the place to draw, seems now the fish are moving toward the shallows.

A big well done to Woodseats Angling supremo Mark Holmes for digging in and keeping going, its not easy when those around you are catching and you’ve not yet had a bite…Well done.

With a 7lb target, the tripple golden peg and 2nd place was grabbed with both hands by Terry Oldfield…….Milky bars are on him!!!

The Woodseats mafia absconded with nearly all the lucre….bar me bagging 3rd place and the sections going to the weighmaster Farrer and Donks. Well done all.